Thursday, Oct 15, 2020
by Princeton University
You can now explore the full scope of Princeton’s latest environmental research – plus the University’s legacy of environmental commitment – through a single portal: "Princeton Environmental Research: A Half-Century at the Forefront." The portal was launched on Thursday, Oct 15, 2020. Users will find a video presenting 50 years of environmental...
Thursday, Sep 20, 2018

When oceanographer Bess Ward was granted research time aboard the R/V Sally Ride during the middle of the spring semester, she had to figure out how to teach GEO 428, “Biological Oceanography,” from the Pacific Ocean.

Friday, Apr 24, 2015
On two ~25 day long, trans-Atlantic cruises, members of the Ward Lab ventured to the subarctic ocean. In collaboration with the Sigman Lab (Princeton University) they studied the contribution of pico- to meso-sized plankton to the cycling of carbon and nitrogen. These late summer (2013) and spring (2014) subarctic North Atlantic cruises followed-...
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
"THE ADVENTURES OF A SCIENCE TEACHER AT SEA" Over the next two months, Ms. B, a high school chemistry teacher will be blogging about her experiences as she joins Princeton University’s North Atlantic Research Expedition. The topics will discuss: life as a scientist on board the vessel, the science of what they are studying, the daily activities...
Tuesday, Sep 3, 2013
Bess Ward and her group from Princeton University, joined by Malcolm Woodward from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, are embarked on a 25 day cruise in the subarctic North Atlantic as part of an NSF funded project “Dimensions of Biodiversity: Functional Diversity of Marine Eukaryotic Phytoplankton” (Ward and Sigman PIs).
Monday, Jul 29, 2013
Geosciences chair Bess Ward, her research group, and other scientists on board the research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer cast their final farewell blog. The research cruise was on a 5-week mission to measure various aspects of the nitrogen cycle off the coasts of Peru and Chile. Some crew members have unprecedentedly been able to remotely blog...
Friday, Jul 12, 2013
Geosciences chair Bess Ward and her research group continue to write and upload images from their real-time logs from the RV Nathaniel B. Palmer research ship.
Wednesday, Jun 26, 2013
The ETSP2013 Cruise is a research expedition to the Eastern Tropical North Pacific aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer ice-capable research ship that is occurring from June 23 – July 28, 2013.
Thursday, Sep 20, 2012
The Ward and Sigman lab groups’ recent four-day research cruise to the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) site in the Northwestern Sargasso Sea complements an earlier winter cruise as part of a collaborative project entitled “Functional diversity of marine eukaryotic phytoplankton and their contributions to C and N cycling.”
Friday, Sep 7, 2012
Members of the Ward lab group participated in a month-long research cruise in Spring 2012 in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific (ETNP) as part their ongoing project entitled “Control of Denitrification and Anammox in the Oxygen Deficient Waters of the Eastern Tropical North and South Pacific.


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